How your child feels determines how they learn

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Cara Nemchek - Reading Specialist

"I'm stupid"

“I’m dumb”

“I can’t”

There are no words more heartbreaking.

I know watching your child shut down – lose all sense of self-worth at one mistake – feels like a loss of control. 

For you and your little human.

But learning to read doesn't have to feel this way...

Hi, I'm Cara!

I'm a reading specialist and parent coach, and I love helping anxious kids fall in love with reading.

Because what is life if not learning? Consistently.

I believe that learning to read is meant to feel good.

And as an actively recovering perfectionist, I understand that if your child feels like they can’t, they won’t.

That’s why at CARA, we teach READING and SELF-ESTEEM at the same time.

Learning doesn’t happen in a vaccuum. It’s not just academic. It’s emotional.

Cara Nemchek - cara CH Lumeria home

Our Approach

The CARA Method

Sensitive to ALL your child's needs.

Refusing to read?
Expert teaching and your child's interests hold the key.

Let's get curious!


Attention challenges?
Kids focus through play.

Let them move!


Shutting down?
Little kids have big feelings (and that's okay). Learning something new *is* emotional.

It's safe to let them feel.

What parents say:

A Safe Space

At CARA, we hold safe space for big feelings & bring joy to the learning process
Cara Nemchek - cara play makes practice feel good
Cara Nemchek - cara play makes practice feel good

How We Help


We bring ease to the mechanics so your child can enjoy the story.


We help remove the deer-in-headlights feeling of a blank page.


We help your child make a movie in their mind’s eye.

Get help

Let us support your child's reading and self-esteem.