Learning to read is meant to feel good.

"I'm stupid."

"I'm dumb."

"I can't."

There are no words more heartbreaking. 

I know you feel helpless. Panicked. Alone. And more than anything, I know that watching your child shut down and lose all sense of self-worth at one mistake feels like a complete loss of control. For you and your little human. That's why I decided to start a company that approaches learning to read in a new way - one that teaches emotional tools alongside academic tools.

Because your child CAN. They can persevere. They can keep going. They can thrive.

But they have to understand how to believe in themselves first.

Self-esteem begets academic success, not the other way around. 

Your child deserves to feel good.


"I've never met anyone who better understands the link between my daughter's self-esteem and her success as a reader. Cara just gets it."

-Jill, mom of 2nd grader