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We’re on a mission to help change the emotional experience of learning – 

One moment, one child, one family at a time. 

At CARA, we believe that learning is meant to feel good. That’s why we, as educators, prioritize your child’s emotional experience.

Because we understand that how your child feels – moment to moment – determines whether or not he’s available to learn. 

Meltdowns, refusal, and “I can’t!” can all be replaced with enthusiasm, determination, and “Look what I can do!” when your child is supported the right way.

We believe in a world where all learning feels good and every child feels loved.

Learn With Us

Let's Play

We love learning in ways that are natural and feel good.

"No pressure, just make it a game!"

Let's Practice

We love building new skills. We have compassion for the learning process.

"Of course it feels weird, it's new!"

Let's Flow

We love letting things be easy. We trust our instincts, get curious, and explore together.
"It's okay, let's just go with the flow!"

Meet the Team

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This is Cara.

Cara holds a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master’s degree from Teachers College of Columbia University. She spent over a decade running Lindamood-Bell’s intensive reading clinics, designing individualized plans for children that learn differently. As Executive Director, she oversaw all instruction, trained and mentored teachers in multisensory reading methodology, supported parents, and actively collaborated with a range of NY schools and neuropsychologists.

Cara loved her job, but watched child after child shut down at the emotional toll of learning differently. She witnessed little humans that didn’t feel good enough and empathized with these sensitive kids. As an actively recovering perfectionist, Cara knew the value of a growth mindset in attacking life’s challenges and felt compelled to integrate this emotional learning with her reading expertise.

Now Cara teaches in an organic way that fosters self-esteem and engages a child’s natural curiosity. She believes that play and emotional validation are the keys to making learning feel good.

Cara lives in Brooklyn. She spends her weekends surfing and of course, reading!

Our Specialists.

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Jurga Ciutaite

Reading Specialist

Jurga holds a Master’s of Science in Special Education and a New York State Teaching Certification for Birth-Grade 2, and has found great joy working both in the field of Special Education and providing private reading intervention for over 10 years. She is a certified Orton-Gillingham reading specialist through the Institute for Multisensory Education (IMSE) and is trained to apply the Hochman Method for Writing (Writing Revolution). Jurga believes that every child has the potential to learn to read and it’s up to the teacher to find the right tools to teach them. She loves to see the pride and sense of accomplishment in her students as their skill sets grow and they realize they are capable of reading successfully, often for the first time!

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Lauren Torres

Reading Specialist

Lauren is a passionate educator who served as Associate Director of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes in New York, where she spent 9 years implementing and overseeing multisensory reading, spelling, and comprehension intervention. Lauren studied Communication Sciences and Disorders at St. John’s University. As a reading specialist, Lauren combines her love of reading and education with a passion for making learning fun and engaging for all of her students. She firmly believes that all little learners need a safe, supportive and fun environment to reach their potential. Lauren prioritizes this by incorporating her students’ interests – from mermaids to Minecraft – into all of their sessions. It works like magic! Lauren’s love of reading began with her first chapter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She was so enthralled by the book that her parents had to hide it before bedtime or else she’d continue reading through the night. Lauren hopes to instill this same love of reading in all of her students!

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Jen Egan

Reading & Writing Specialist

Jen holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and spent 19 years with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, creators of multisensory, research-based, internationally recognized programs for teaching reading and spelling. During that time she worked one-on-one with students of all ages; trained and coached teachers and administrators; developed, wrote, and edited many of the books and materials that support the programs; and ultimately served as a Regional Director of Learning Centers. Ever since she picked up her first Nancy Drew mystery, she’s been a devoted reader, and most weekends find her curled up with her cat, lost in a book! But reading is not all Jen is passionate about. She has also taught English Composition, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and Intermediate Fiction at Southern Illinois University and applies the Hochman Method for Writing in her sessions. She loves tailoring golden nuggets of writing instruction to her younger students and believes it’s never too early to get good writing in place!

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Bella Hamilton

Reading & Writing Specialist

Bella is a passionate expert in Lindamood-Bell’s multisensory reading and comprehension programs, where she spent over 5 years crafting and implementing individualized instruction plans for a wide range of students. Bella studied Creative Writing and Journalism and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology. As a reading specialist and literacy coach of 1:1 and small group instruction, she understands how important it is to honor your child’s love of imaginative play…when we spark their curiosity, we unlock their genius potential! Bella is also passionate about collaborating with educators who implement similar multisensory methodologies, including the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Wilson Reading System. Bella loves witnessing “aha!” moments and knows there is nothing more fulfilling than helping little humans step into their confidence with reading, writing, and beyond. Fun fact – Bella received her high school’s “Biggest Bookworm” superlative two years in a row!

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Lyn Seres

Reading Specialist

Lyn holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s of Science in special education, with 35 years of experience educating K-12 students in the joyful discovery of independent reading. She also has post-master’s certification in training and development, providing distinctive teacher workshops and retreats in the specifics of evidence-based dyslexia programming and student engagement. Lyn is a strong advocate of the Science of Reading, endorsing the belief that ALL students have the ability to acquire reading skills, with structured, analytic programming and a critical dose of silly, laughter-filled fun! For Lyn, connecting scientific reading approaches with the power of playful self-esteem development is the key. Fun Fact: Lyn has raised and nurtured 13 foster children over her career and considers the experience the best teacher training available!

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Mahta Marcy

Reading Specialist

Mahta is a passionate certified Associate Orton-Gillingham practitioner, with 12 years of experience learning and growing with children with learning differences. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Masters in International Education Development from Teachers College of Columbia University. Mahta believes that every child is a “mine rich in gems of inestimable value”, and has the right to be taught in the manner in which he/she learns best. It is the responsibility of the educator to understand the needs of each child, and to deliver instruction that meets those needs effectively. Children are the most effective teachers of a teacher! Mahta loves solving mysteries and gardening. She firmly believes that the best part of working with children is discovering their brilliance and witnessing their joy as learning comes to life!

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