Our schools are built on achievement-based pressure. It is our responsibility to teach our children how to thrive in it.

Traditional Education

Mindful Education

When I sit with your child, we'll use their struggle to inspire growth. 

We'll take what's hard - reading, critical thinking, comprehension, writing, expressive language - and dissect it week by week. Training for a marathon happens mile by mile, after all. 

Like a professional athlete, your child will practice specific skills, reflect on their process, visualize their success. They'll understand how their brain works - and how to make it work for them.

And they'll do it all in a safe space. They'll breathe. They'll witness their emotions. They'll learn how to keep their brain calm. They'll understand that it's okay to try. And try again.

They'll develop grit. 

Most importantly, they'll use these tools in real time and learn how to be there for themselves in their toughest moments.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.
— Henry Ford

Find mindful support for: 

  • reading fluency

  • reading & listening comprehension

  • critical thinking

  • expressive language

  • writing

Kids have questions. I have answers.

How can I keep my brain calm?

How can I be there for myself when it feels hard? 

How do I stop telling myself 'I can't'?