Cara has an incredible way of making you know everything is going to be fine. She immediately taught my daughter how to stay calm under pressure.”

- Suzanne, mom of 8th grader

Hi! I'm Cara.

I'm a reading specialist and parent coach and I love inspiring humans large and small to feel good so that they can keep learning.

Because what is life, if not learning? Consistently. 

I spent over a decade running intensive reading clinics, designing individualized plans for children who learn differently.

I loved my job, but I watched child after child shut down because they didn't feel good enough. It was heartbreaking. I knew another type of learning was missing.

Luckily, I'm an actively recovering perfectionist*. My greatest job is cultivating my own growth mindset.

Now, I'm teaching it to others.

*Bachelor's from Cornell University; Master's from Teachers College of Columbia University